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Toys, Babies, Maternity, Educational, Furniture, Special gifts and much more.

We hope Kiddyclass is all you hope for.. great offers at buydirect for outdoor toys

We are trying to gather all types of products and free stuff, to do with kids, babies to teens even a few items for mums and dads.

Thinking of updating your child’s room, with furniture themed beds and bedding or just a few accessories.

How about creating an outside haven for the little one’s with Wendy houses, Bouncy Castles, Slides and all manner of things to amuse. You name it HOPEFULLY we have it.

Toys! Toys! Toys, they all love toys. How about shopping for Christmas and Birthday’s, there are also birthday invitations. Have that gift sent directly to your loved one.

Educational programs to buy, for example you could have your child reading at a preschool age, with fun phonics, word blending, click and spell, just imagine opening up your little one’s world with books at such an early age.

For the older one’s how about a fun day out, something a little special?

We have a dedicated page to helping parents grandparents, children stepchildren/parents, called Family Lives, it has information help and guidance.

Having problems with a new baby or not too sure how to handle the terrible two’s or tearing your hair out with the teenagers? Don’t worry hop over to the free 365, 24/7 help, they listen are supportive and non-judgemental. Please go to Family Life page under parenting and you will find the information.

If there is any other products you think we could add to this site, please let us know on the Contact Me page.